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In 1979 Snowy was rehearsing with Cliff Richard for a one-off festival performance when he bumped into Thin Lizzy's guitarist Scott Gorham at the rehearsal studios at Shepperton, England.

"They were next door auditioning guitar players", says Snowy. "Scott remembered me. He'd seen me with the Pink Floyd at Madison Square Gardens and so he asked me to come along for a try-out, but I was too busy that day. But a week later I went to see the band and they asked me to join on the spot"

Snowy agreed "Because I liked their songs, they were more melodic than most of the heavy rock bands around at the time, and I thought that I could add something"

Unfortunately, after a while Snowy realized that he was not really the right person for the band. "The rock band image and life-style was not one that I was comfortable with", remembers Snowy. "There was a lot of time and money wasted in studio costs, while some members of the band were not even bothering to turn up at all".

Snowy got fed up with all that waiting around and, after a particularly non-productive rehearsal week in Ireland, Snowy decided not to go into the studio either. At a subsequent meeting with the management Snowy confirmed that it was all over for him.

"I never saw Phil Lynott after that, I couldn't even be bothered to say good bye"

During his time with Thin Lizzy Snowy played on and wrote songs for two albums 'Chinatown' and 'Renegade', along with numerous tours and TV performances.