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Snowy became the first augmenting guitarist to join Pink Floyd on their Animals and The Wall tours

Snowy's reputation as a reliable person was one of the reasons he was recommended to the Pink Floyd's manager for the job of augmenting musician, the first time they had ever taken such a step.

They were just putting the finishing touches to their 'Animals' album when Snowy met them in the studio. Roger Waters said "As you're here, you might as well play on something!"

So Snowy found himself playing a solo on Roger's song 'Pigs on the wing'. However the solo didn't make it onto the album, (apart from the American 8-Track) as Roger decided to use the first verse of the song at the beginning of the album and the last verse at the end, which meant leaving out the middle section containing Snowy's solo.

However the complete song does surface on Snowy's 1996 retrospective album 'Gold Top'.

Roger also called on Snowy when he was putting together the 'Bleeding Heart Band' for the massive 'Wall' show in Berlin in 1990, and again in 1992 for Expo '92 in Seville, Spain.

The 'Wall' show in Berlin was not without it's problems as the power went down in the first number. "Suddenly all the click track and cues were gone", says Snowy. After the show was over the band re-played the whole first half, finishing at four o'clock in the morning. "Missed the party and everything" Snowy remembers.

Pink Floyd's guitarist Dave Gilmour was a guest on Snowy's album 'Highway to the Sun'

Snowy can also be seen on Roger Water's video 'What God Wants' with Jeff Beck.

In July and August 1999 Snowy joined Roger Waters live band for a tour of the US. Other members of the band include Doyle Bramhall and Andy Fairweather-Low on Guitar, Jon Carin on Keyboards, Graham Broad on Drums and Katie Kisson and P.P. Arnold on backing vocals.

He continued to join Roger Waters band on huge stadium shows, In The Flesh and The Wall
He enjoyed his time touring with Roger but then he wanted to concentrate on his own music and a gentle retirement.
photos used with kind permission of Max Siegler
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