By Tracey and Cecil

Blues Project

One album and soon to be released live CD and two tours, what future plans do you have for the Blues Project?

I'm afraid I have had to put the Blues Project on hold for a year while I do the tours with Roger Waters. I'm sorry about this as I was enjoying it a lot, but of course the opportunity to be involved in Roger's tour is very special for me .

The live CD is coming out in September - why did you decide to do this?

Lots of people were asking when there would be another Blues Project album, but we are not ready for a new studio album yet, so we decided to record a show and make a live CD. Also, it's a way of keeping the name around while I'm working with Roger.

 Your first time playing with Roy Martin was on the first date of the UK tour - where did you get to hear about him?

 He's a friend of Matt Taylor.

 If you do continue would Roy become more involved or would Juan return?

We would continue with Roy, he's doing a really good job and it's fun to have him in the band. Juan does not want to tour any more, he wants to concentrate on his studio things

Sigvart Dagsland

You also played on Sigvart Dagsland album Hymns, a very different project, how did that come about?

His manager contacted me about playing on Sigvarts album and it sounded a very interesting proposition, so I did the session in New York for the album, and they were very pleased with it and invited me to do a few live shows, which I was very happy to do.

The guitar sounded fantastic, what were the gigs like?

We played in churches in Norway. Had to play very quietly and I really enjoyed it. Just me, a trumpet player, and keyboards, and Sigvart singing. No drums, no bass guitar, just the organ bass-pedals.

Did you enjoy playing in the church? - (I bet the acoustics were amazing)

Yes, very nice to do the show in a church, and a cathedral also. Acoustics great as long as you play very quietly.

Roger Waters

You're touring with Roger Waters again starting in September - what do you think of doing The Wall again after all this time?

Looking forward to it. The show will be fantastic to watch. It's very much a theatrical piece. I'm really happy to be involved.

There's quite an extensive tour and you'll be over in Europe next year - do you get to see many places or is it just plane, buses, hotels and venues?

Normally I mostly see planes hotels etc, but we have more spare time on this tour so maybe I'll get to see a bit more of the places we visit

Where are you most looking forward to playing?

Many places, can't really choose.

You will start soon with Roger Waters world tour of The Wall, what are your plans after this tour?

I have no plans for after the tour at the moment, but i think later I will see how I feel about things and decide what to do next. I already have some ideas for a new solo album so I think I will write more for it while I'm touring with Roger Waters and then maybe go in the studio as soon as I get back..

White Flames

You have a new White Flames CD coming out next year. Why has this one taken so long to release? It was almost finished last time we spoke

No rush, so I took my time, didn't want to confuse people by having a White Flames album out and then going on the road with the Blues Project.

The new White Flames album has the title Realistic, is this song on the album and will you sing it?

No, no song with that title

You've said that the title is "Realistic", what can we expect?

You'll have to wait and see!

Are there all songs on this album written by you or also by the other band members?

All by me

Was there a special reason of influence that you wrote this album?

Not really, whatever came into my head and seemed worth playing

What does realistic mean for you and why?

I'm just being realistic about my own situation in life...

You said in an earlier interview that you would do the cover of a new album. Can we expect some of your own creations on this new CD?

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it as I only recently decided on the title.

Will you have a chance to tour with the album between the tours with Roger?

No, I only have two months between the tours and I have other things to catch up on then

You toured for a long time from 1993 until 1999 and then started with some new tours from 2004 until 2010. What is your feeling about these different periods of touring? And what are the positive and negative moments?

I can't really answer this as it's all gone away in my memory somewhere.

The most fun time for me was during the early days of the White Flames Band, when it was a three -piece outfit with Juan and Walter; there was something very special about that time.

I can just say that, overall, it's all been a very good experience and I've been having a great time playing music, whoever it is with.

So you're not slowing down then?

A bit!

What is for you the best venue-country for doing a show and why?

Around Europe is all ok, don't know why, just feels like there is more enthusiasm for live music

You have your own web site snowywhite.com and now there are 3 fan clubs! What do you think about all this information that's out there? You have no control over what's being said or what's produced - how do you deal with it?

I've had to get used to the fact that there is a lot of stuff out there that I have no control over, and some of it is wrong information.

But overall it's a good thing that people can easily access this material. And the fan sites do a great job of helping promote the music.

What do think about the problems of nature etc in this world and does this influence you in making songs, or where did you get the ideas from writing and composing your own songs?

My songwriting is very much influenced by two things, one is my personal situation and the feelings I get from what's going on in my life at the time of writing, and the other is what is going on in the world at that time

Most of the interviews you have done they all have the same questions about Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy - Roger Waters etc; is this not boring for you?

I don't really mind answering these questions; it's all been part of my life...

If you would be a reporter what kind of questions you would like to hear them ask you?

Easy ones!!


Thank you to Snowy for answering these questions and a big thank you to Cecil for helping me out. Tracey