How did the Snowy White Blues Project come about?

I decided to take a break from recording with the White Flames because I wanted to play some blues for a while, and work with different musicians. especially I wanted to take a break from singing, so that's why I have two great singers in the Blues Project.

How's the album recording going? do you have a record deal yet or are you going to put it about yourselves?

We have finished our album, 'In Our Time Of Living', which has turned out well, and it will be released in April. It will be distributed by Soulfood in Germany and it's on Voiceprint for the rest of the world.

Matt's a good singer and from the video clip on the Blues Project MySpace site, Ruud sounds like he as an excellent voice too, are you singing on any tracks?

You'll have to wait for the album!!

Are you playing any Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac tracks? (I know you enjoy covering their songs - and they always sound good) Any other blues stuff we might know or are they all new tracks?

You'll have to wait for the album!!

You have some dates you're playing in Germany and Holland, are there going to be any others gigs? UK? Europe? USA?

We are currently booking some shows in the UK and Germany for April/ May. There may be some others, for instance we have had an offer of 10 shows in Croatia/Serbia in July, but I have not agreed to that yet.

Are you still planning on doing some White Flames gigs/albums? I remember you saying you were in the studio to record with them, what's happening with that?

The White Flames studio album is nearly finished, and I'm enjoying working on the guitars at home. I have more lyrics to write and then I have to return to the studio to mix it. I expect it to be finished by April, but I won't release it until the autumn of 2009, otherwise it will be too close to the release of The Snowy White Blues Project CD. I hope to do some more shows with the White Flames band, but I don't know when that will be yet.