Another mammoth tour with Roger Waters do you still enjoy all the travelling or is it a case of yet another hotel room?

I still enjoy everything to do with touring, even the travelling and the waiting around...and I'm very lucky because I like hotel rooms (as long as they are good quality rooms of course)...I'm happy with my own company so I have no problem with spending time in my room if nothing's happening with the band. I guess I just enjoy the fact that I know I'll be moving on after a couple of days.

Reading some of the reviews from Pink Floyd fans they expect you to replicate the original Floyd sound and always seem to compare the lead guitars with David Gilmour. Do you try and replicate the sound or do you try and add you own personality to the songs?

I don't really think very much about how David Gilmour sounds, I just try to do the best I can to make it sound as Roger would like, but I try not to lose my own sound while I'm doing that. I guess it's natural that my own style still comes through even if I'm playing someone else's songs. You can't teach an old dog to change the leopard's new spots (or something like that...)

You've been to some different places this time, what were your highlights?

Too many good times to pick out any highlights

Any change in equipment - amps etc (can you tell I'm not technical?)

I added a couple more pedals to my rig for Roger's tour. There's a photo on my website on the guitar photo page. But I'm not really into effects; I just try to keep them to a minimum. Still using my normal Vox AC30 amps.

You have a new Live Album - Live Flames coming out soon, do you have any more details of the release date? And how can people get hold of the CD

Release date is the 1st October, you can buy it on Voiceprint (www.voiceprint.co.uk) it will also be in the shops in the UK and we'll have some at the live shows. It is distributed by 'Soulfood' in Germany, should be in the shops there too..

The White Flames Band is touring in Holland and Germany in September/October are you planning any more dates this year? There have been a lot of fans want USA tour

Just the dates in Holland/Germany that are already on the website. As for the USA, there is quite a bit of interest but I have not made any firm plans for any US shows.

Who will be playing on the Dutch/German tour?

Juan van Emmerloot on drums, Walter Latupeirissa on bass, and Max Middleton on keyboards.

You were talking of another studio album next year, when are you hoping to start recording and do you have songs already written? And most important of all, when do you think it likely to be released? and dare I ask touring?

I have already done a session in a studio in Rotterdam with the band and put down about 50 minutes of music. But it's at a very early stage and I plan to spend as long as I need to finish it, sometime next year, so I guess it'll be out in the Autumn of 2008. I have a lot of ideas that I need to try out so it will mean more studio sessions and then overdubbing and mixing. It could take a long time. As for touring, too early to say about it.

and some questions from other fans...

Well, I once read Snowy compiled a c. 90 min. tape for GOLD TOP but had cut down the list and omit a few tracks due to time restraints of the CD medium.

I'd like to get to know which tracks these were and - in case these were otherwise unreleased or hard-to-find or deleted numbers - if they have popped up somewhere else since (on Pure Gold, perhaps) or if he has any plans to release them sometime...

Any info will be much appreciated.


I think the tracks that didn't make it on to Gold Top ended up on Pure Gold. There are a few things still around that have not been released yet, I guess they will see the light of day eventually.

I saw Snowy in Deal a couple of years ago and he was awesome. Can you please ask snowy if he will be touring the southeast of the UK again


 I would like to know if Snowy is likely to tour the North East again in the near future,



Well first obvious question is when's the next UK tour going to be (especially the Midlands)? Can't wait, seems like ages since we saw him last. (Roger Waters' concerts don't count...)

I'd also like to know if there's anything he can tell us yet about the new album due next year?

I'll probably think of loads more, but that's enough for now!




I have had quite a lot of offers for UK shows, but I have no plans to tour the UK at the moment. It's possible that there will be something in 2008, but I plan to concentrate on recording for the first half of the year.

When are you finally coming to tour the States? (without Roger Wtaers!)

I have no firm plans at the moment to play shows in the USA, I'll be concentrating next year on finishing a new studio album.

 To what extent do you consider yourself influenced by Peter Green?

I was influenced by Peter a lot; I just loved his tasty, soulful playing.

Why are you the world's most underrated guitarist?

Well, I know that some people think I'm underrated, but the only comment I wish to make on that subject is that it's definitely better than being overrated...