How’s the touring going with Roger Waters?

The tour with Roger is going very well, we have played some interesting places , and had a lot of fun . I have been enjoying it a lot. The audiences have been really enthusiastic, and consist of a wide spectrum of ages, but noticeably lots of young people. It's very pleasing to see that the younger generation are really into Rogers music.

Do you know if Roger is doing another album? And if you are going to be involved?

Roger is working on a new album, but I don't know what his plans are regarding which musicians will be playing on it.

You have a new guitar; can you tell us something about it?

For Roger's shows I need a guitar with a tremelo arm, and, as I don't get on with Stratocasters I decided to buy another Les Paul, a re-issue of the model I have been playing since 1968, and fit a 'Stetbar', which is a new design of tremelo arm, and it works very well. So now I have a guitar that feels almost the same as the one I'm used to playing. It makes life a lot easier for me as I don't have to get used to a different neck or different sound controls etc.


I hear that you are planning to start recording another White Flames album in November, who are the musicians this time? How many songs do you have ready?

Yes, I am starting recording in Rotterdam in November. I have a lot of ideas. On the first session I will be playing with Juan van Emmerloot on drums, Walter Latupeirissa on bass, and Max Middleton on keyboards. I don't expect to finish the album until at least Spring 2007, and so I will probably invite other musicians to play on it from time to time. But I have no firm plans, I wait to see how I feel about it.

When do you think is likely to be released?

When I'm ready !

I know you have a few gigs lined up for later in the year, will you be touring to promote the new CD when it is released? If so where? (USA? UK? Etc)

I have no plans about touring the album yet, but will be playing plenty of shows of my own we then time is right.

Do you still enjoy touring?

I love touring. That's what I do... I can't imagine ever stopping...

Voiceprint has released an introspective DVD with interviews and music, are you planning to record any other DVDs?

Many people ask me about this. I have some ideas but right now I want to concentrate on the album recording.

photo © Niels A