1. Roger Waters

You spent about 3 years (on and off) on tour with Roger Waters, how was it? It's always an interesting experience being on tour with Roger. We have a lot of fun, and everyone in the band and the crew is very professional, so there are normally no real problems. I like all the people that I work with in that organisation.

Roger likes to travel in comfort and stay in very nice places so we all benefit from that.

Musically, it's obviously not the same for me as playing my own music, but it's still enjoyable. Because of the nature of the show we have to play almost the same thing every night, but it's quite nice to be able to concentrate on playing every little phrase or chord just that little bit better at each show. It can still be quite satisfying.


How has this time affected what you want to do?  

Obviously when I'm working with Roger I have no time to do my own thing, but that's ok, I don't feel in a hurry to do anything. I just do things when it feels right. I guess that's why sometimes it seems to people that there is a lot of time going by when I don't seem to be doing anything with my music, but I'm living my life as I feel that I want to. I have no deadlines when I have to finish an album or do this or that........


Give you time to create more of your own music? Yes, because I create it in my head, so I can do that anytime anywhere...

While you played for Roger, Juan and Walter were doing their own things; did this bring a natural end to the 3-piece?  

I guess that was part of it. Also I was planning to augment the three-piece band with a keyboard player and a percussionist for future shows/recordings, so it was going to be different anyway......


Anything you'd like to share with the fans regarding the current work on Roger's album? (Ed Sander) Roger is still writing material so we have not done much studio recording yet. But what we did before sounded very promising to me.


2. CD

Restless was probably one of the most commercial albums you've made, it's a shame that you didn't tour or promote it more.

It seems to take a long time between albums if you don't tour (to people not in the music industry) can you explain some of the processes involved? I can't speak for other recording artists but as far as I am concerned the reason it seems to take a long time is that I don't like to rush into recording until I'm feeling ready.

Then I put down some tracks and take time to listen to them, and write new material, then I'll get back in the studio with some of the other musicians and we'll play through the songs again, or we'll try new stuff, or we'll add to what's already there...

Then I'll listen again for a while. (I might not listen for 3 or 4 weeks, then hear it again, because it sounds different after having a break from it, so that means more time goes by.....)

Then I'll choose which tracks I'll finally use. Often it's the first take with the original lead guitar on because it always sounds the most natural.

Then there's overdubbing and then mixing, then compiling and mastering. It's surprising how long all this can take. And I'm not in a hurry.........


When is the new album due out? We plan to have it released in the Autumn, and hopefully do some touring to promote it.

Do you have an idea of a title yet?  

Yes, it's called "The Way It Is" it's all finished except for mixing.


Any video files on the CD etc? Not yet, but I might do this...

 Which record company?  

We have a lot of interest this time around, but we have not finalised which one to go with yet, probably different record companies in different territories.......whichever we feel can do the best job for us.


The US needs love right now... I would like to know a if tour here in the states is coming and why his music isn't getting any air time. I just happened to hear something he did with David Gilmore and started looking for his music. Luckily, a customer of mine from the UK was able to get the Little Wing CD and I am still looking for releases in the US...(Dave Maxwell) Thanks for your interest in the music Dave. I have not really been thinking about the USA much this year, we are concentrating on Europe first. But it will be released over there, and I would certainly love to do some shows in the States, but I can only concentrate on Europe to start with...


I wonder if Snowy would ever contemplate recording a complete minor blues album (John Skelley)


Yes, sometimes I think about doing something like that, and I probably will when it feels right.......

How do you deal with creative blocks? (Raven Garcia) I stop trying, and I don't worry about it because I know it's only temporary.....then something eventually happens to stimulate my ideas and the block disappears !



What year is your Goldtop? (Niels A) 1957


Does it have a history like for instance Gary Moore's Flametop (previous owned by Peter Green) or did you buy from new? (Niels A)


No history, I bought it in 1968 so I've had it for 34 years

Does it have any modifications? (Niels A) A push-push switch on one of the tone controls to put it out-of-phase.


What strings do you use? (Niels A)

  Rotosound 0.10 to 0.52

What setup of effects do you use? (Niels A) Nothing that I use regularly. Whatever is around...I'll experiment with a few things occasionally...Sometimes a Digitech Whammy Pedal, I also use the Line 6 ranges of effects pedals, and sometimes an old Roland GP8 that belongs to Roger, although it's not working very well at the moment, it keeps cutting out.........

What amp? (Niels A)  

AC30 (any new one will do...)


How do you make that soft and bluesy Snowy White sound? Are there any secrets? :-) (Niels A) I have no idea, I just fiddle with the controls until I like what I hear.....


How do you make the Dave Gilmour like effects used on Restless Too from the new album? BTW: I love it! (Niels A)

  That was the Digitech Whammy Pedal (I think) and probably some sort of distortion. To be honest I can't really remember and I probably wouldn't even try to find the same sound again...

I am a great fan of Snowy's guitar tone. I know that he plays a Goldtop Le Paul, but would be very interested in the details of his guitar, as well as his other gear (amps, effects, etc).

(Quentin Shaw)

  See above, Quentin !

I went to see snowy at Newcastle with Mick Taylor and was amazed at his sound. He used a vox ac 30 that night, would it be possible for you to tell what particular model ac 30 it was and what speakers were in it? (Marty, Newcastle upon Tyne.)

   I have no idea what speakers were in it; it was just a borrowed or hired amp. New AC30 amps always sound the same and that's why I like them. I guess my guitar works well with most amps...

I can't find the guitar-tab (or chords) of the great Snowy song Bird of Paradise. Maybe you can help me? (Arie Nieuwkoop. Willemstad, Holland) All I can think of is for you to try Music Sales at musicsales.com. I have seen the guitar tab/chords around in the past, so they do exist. Also at Music Sales you could try the "Play along with Snowy White" book/cd. I think that might have the chords in...



Snowy, Do you have any plans for any gigs in the U.S (California) in the near or distant future? (Also, Thanks for the great Shows at Wembley and Glastonbury. I travelled all the way from California and it was well worth it.) (Jim Hill) I'm glad you enjoyed the shows Jim. Thanks for making the effort! I would love to tour the States but first I have to get a release of the new album over there and some financial back-up from the record company. (Not an easy thing to get these days...) But we will be working on it. First I have to concentrate on Europe...


I have been searching the Internet for Snowy White gigs since I saw you on the Roger Waters tour (in return I saw it three times - one in Copenhagen, two in London). Don't you play live? If yes, where are the gigs announced? If they are not announced, what about making a mailing list for fan club members? (Niels A)


As soon as I have any definite dates they will be posted on the fanclub web site and also on my 'official' web site at snowywhite.com. The reason you have not seen any is probably because there haven't been any since Rogers's tour ended. I've been concentrating on recording the new album..!!

What about making a small intimate concert for fan club members? Just tell where and when - I'll be there... (Niels A)

  Good idea, I'll give that some thought........

I have a question...whether he has a plan to touring as a band in Japan and China or not?? (Yuri) I have no plans to play live in Japan at the moment, but we are talking to Japanese and Chinese record companies and so this might happen in the future. It depends on a lot of things so I don't know yet...... Sorry Yuri...!


I would love to know if snowy and the white flames band, have any plans to do any gigs in the UK in the near future. (Dave Hughes)

  If the new album gets a release in the UK I think we will certainly do some promotional shows. Maybe this Autumn.......

My question is: When will Snowy be touring again in The Netherlands? Because it is so long ago that I saw the band. (the last time was with Roger Waters). (Herman Koelman) When the album is finished we will hopefully tour the countries in which it's released, so I can't really say which ones they will be at this time..



Thanks go to Snowy for taking the time to answer all the questions

And Thank You to everyone who sent questions in.